Overview of GMP

The quality of animal feeds must provide a sufficient guarantee for both the safety of the animal and of the consumer in addition to retaining the trust of all partners in the chain - including governments, retailers and other sectors of the animal production industries. 

What is GMP? 

GMP is the Good Manufacturing/Managing Practice quality assurance standard (GMP). 

The Dutch animal feed sector applies the same quality assurance system as the international foodstuffs industry: pro-active quality assurance based on Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points (HACCP). The HACCP risk management system complements the product board's existing GMP. The GMP+HACCP quality assurance system (known as GMP+) is being expanded to cover the entire chain, from feed ingredients producer to transport company and livestock farmer. Independent inspectors monitor compliance within the system, and companies that contravene the rules may lose their GMP or GMP+ certificate. LRQA is approved by Product Board Animal Feed (PDV) to conduct approval assessments for GMP+ standards. 

GMP benefits with LRQA Business Assurance 

PDV has made it mandatory for animal feed producers in the Netherlands to source their raw materials and ingredients from certified suppliers which apply to both Dutch and foreign suppliers. The GMP+ standards specify the requirements that have been set for every stage of the supply chain in the production of animal feed. These standards apply to all suppliers in the animal feed industry and also those of one or more by-products.

The additional requirements of this standard can be integrated within any existing quality management system. This means that your LRQA visit can be carried out at the same time as your ISO 9001 visit.